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Car Accident Types

Recent projections indicates that car accident fatalities have decreased. Not by any chance involved in any car accident us fortunate to many people. Getting behind the wheel means an uptick in potential vehicle accidents. One need to be aware of the common types of car accidents. It’s necessary given that it helps one stay safe behind the wheel. There is driving defensively to avoid costly mistakes by knowing ways to get into a vehicle collision. There are many causes of these car accidents with the most common one being distracted by a smartphone or cigarette. Being careful while out there on the roads is highly advisable to help reduce the losses and damages brought about by car accidents. The following are some common types of car accidents that people should know.

One of such car accident types tend to be rear-end collisions. This tends to be one of the most common types of car accidents many people get involved into. When the driver behind you doesn’t stop or slow down in conjunction with you it results to the front of their car impacting your vehicles rear. It’s good for those involved to go for a medical checkup since this results to a whiplash. Drivers are advised to drive assertively to help avoid this type of car accident. It’s crucial for one to pay attention on the road and avoid situations where there is need to use brakes suddenly. Those drivers not maintaining a safe following distance will therefore collide with your vehicle.

Intersection collisions. It occurs when people approach or navigate an intersection. When the traffic light has changed to red and a distracted driver fails to recognize it leads to this accident type. There is collision while they go through the intersection either in car’s front or side. Another case is when one is in a turn land and the distracted driver rears-end behind you. Paying attention to the roads when approaching tend to be the best way in which this accident can be avoided. Therefore one should slow down on their approach to ensure no one is coming through the intersection even when it’s your right of way.

Last car accident type is backing-up collisions. There is need to bear in mind that not all types of car accidents happen due to speed driving. Another accident type occurs when backing up and mostly in parking lots. The failure of the driver to pay attention or check the mirrors and blind spots results to connecting with your car at such point. It’s advisable to pay attention when driving through a parking lot to lower such accident cases. In addition one should be aware of cars with their reverse lights on and yield to them until one is sure of their intentions.

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